Albums and singles featuring production, mastering, mixing, engineering, or additional musical contributions by David Newfeld, 1990-present.

Apostle of Hustle
Folkloric Feel (Arts & Crafts, 2004)
Andrew Austin
While It’s Still Light Out (Maple, 2013)
Brian Borcherdt
Moth EP [Recorded and mixed]
Boys Who Say No
Contingencies (Independent, 2012) [Mixed]
Broken Social Scene
You Forgot It In People (Arts & Crafts, 2002)
Bee Hives (Arts & Crafts, 2004)
Broken Social Scene (Arts & Crafts, 2005)
Catch 22
→ “First, Last, for Everything” 12″ (MSB Records, 1990)
Chikita Violenta
The Stars and Suns Sessions (Arts & Crafts, 2007)
→ Tre3s (Arts & Crafts, 2010)
→ Quatro EP (Arts & Crafts, 2013)
Contrived (Hand Drawn Dracula, 2008) [Mixed]
Dante Feat. Barbie Castellvi
→ “Flying” 12″ (Deep Records, 1993) [Recorded]
Death of Vinyl (various artists)
→ Produced Nubile G & The Spurious Whiz, “Your Jolly Giant”; Producers for Bob, “Xists Have Landed”; Dante, “Cuckoo Clock” (DOVEe Records, 1991)
Kevin Drew
→ “Good Sex” remix (as “Beatology”) (Arts & Crafts, 2014)
Flying Bulgars
Tumbling Into Light (Independent, 2009)
Folk Festival Massacre
The Patsy (High School Champion, 2002)
→ “Speedboats” remix (Stars and Suns, 2013)
Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
What Is Free To A Good Home? (Last Gang Records, 2007)
Hawaii (Paper Bag, 2003)davidnewfeld.com
Heritage Centre
Alright, Check it Out (Independent, 2012)
The High Strung
Ode to the Inverse of the Dude (Park the Van, 2009)
Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck (2005, Dependent) [Recorded and mixed]
LP (2007, Dependent) [Recorded and mixed]
Latin (2010, Young Turks) [Mixed]
Lonnie James
Dee-o (Teenage USA, 1999)
Junior Blue
In Search of Solid Gold (2001, Independent) [Additional recording and mix]
Los Campesinos!
→ Sticking Fingers Into Sockets (EP, Arts & Crafts, 2007)
Death to Los Campesinos (Arts & Crafts, 2008)
Marshall McLuhan
The Medium is the Message (Time Again Productions, 1993)
Mean Red Spiders
Places You Call Home (Teenage USA, 1998)
Stars and Suns (Teenage USA, 2000)
Most Serene Republic
→ And the Ever Expanding Universe (Arts & Crafts, 2009)
Mount Washington
Mount Washington (Glitterhouse Records, 2012) [Mixed]
Uncrated Distant Star (Teenage USA, 1998)davidnewfeld.com
On and On
Give In (Roll Call Records/City Slang, 2013)
The Paint Movement
The Paint Movement (Nevado, 2012)
Parts Unknown
Air Show (Dot-Dash, 1999) [Additional recording and mix]
Producers for Bob
Bob’s Media Ecology (Time Again Productions Inc., 1992)
Bob’s Media Ecology² (Time Again Productions Inc., 1992)
Super Furry Animals
Hey Venus! (Rough Trade, 2007)
Turnpike Glow
Inflatable Optimism EP (Fünke Pop, 2013) [Mixed]
(We Are) Augustines
Rise Ye Sunken Ships (Warner Music, 2011)
→ “Buttercup” (single) (Buzz Records, 2014)

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