Bob’s Media Ecology

Bob in McDonald's

David Newfeld, under the alias “Producers For Bob,” and in association with Executive Producer, Nelson Thall, created and produced two albums highlighting the philosophy and wordplay of the inimitable Bob Dobbs (pictured above). Newfeld’s association with Dobbs dates back to his years in college radio, via “The International Connection” on Toronto’s CKLN (88.1 FM). “I basically culled through cassettes of Bob’s radio show,” Newfeld told one interviewer, “picked out the stuff I thought could be understood by anyone and weaved it together with MIDI music I’d generated for the record.”


Bob’s Media Ecology (Time Again Productions Inc., 1992) is a landmark cut-up recording, fusing Bob’s radio speech with a musical melting pot that bubbles over with warped house beats, skronky guitar bleats, sublime MIDI meditations, and all-you-can-eat sonic explorations.

01. Everything’s Disappeared    02. Our Electronic Paralysis
03. Bob’s Auditory Imagination   04. Under The Sun
05. Ba Ba Ba Ba Bobby   06. Thick Ideas    07. Banker Bob
08. Everything’s Disappeared (The Illusion Mix)
09. The Wizard Of Ecology   10. Grammar Rap
11. Mediamystically   12. Bob’s Historical Decorum
13. Shopping Is A Military Operation   14. Bob’s Theme
15. The International Connection   16. Another Electric Peep-Show
17. Breakdown As Breakthrough   18. Inside The Five Sense Sensorium
19. The Xists Have Landed   20. Mass Man
21. Discarnate WoMan   22. One Wheel, All Square
23. Human Scale   24. Masturbation–The Thinking Man’s Television
25. Everything’s Disappeared (Tribal Juice Mix)
26. Media Fit The Battle Of Jerico   27. Escape Hatches
28. New Animals Waving Goodbye (Mythic Stage Mix)
29. The Solar Government Global Theatre
30. The Story Begins When The Program Ends

Liner Notes for Bob’s Media Ecology

bme00 bme01 bme02 bme03 bme04 bme05 bme06 bme07



Bob’s Media Ecology² (Time Again Productions Inc., 1992) assembles some of the era’s most renowned dance and collage artists to create a slamming, way-out-there remix of the first Bob CD. Collaborators include Negativland, Coldcut, and Steinski.

01. Introduction   02. Everything’s Disappeared (Steinski‘s Main Mix)
03. Bob’s Talk Show   04. Tribal Mandate (Negativland Mix)
05. Bob Explains Visual Space   06. Discarnate Woman (Bass Mix)
07. Four Levels Of Exegesis   08. Bababababobby
09. Bob Explains Anthropomorphic Scale
10. Everything’s Disappeared (Warehouse Inst.)
11. Bob Defines The Subgenius   12. Bob’s Theme (Top-Down Mix)
13. Bob’s Top-Down Chart   14. Everything’s Disappeared (Decentralized)
15. Discarnate Woman (Coldcut‘s Out-Of-Body Mix)

Liner Notes for Bob’s Media Ecology²

BME² - 01  BME² - 02  BME² - 03  BME² - 04 BME² - 05  BME² - 06  BME² - 07  BME² - 08

One thought on “Bob’s Media Ecology

  1. Reblogged this on Robs MSN Site and commented:
    Bob’s Media Ecology is a nice timeless album produced by the author of the blog that I am reposting. I have spoken to him very briefly on Achieve Radio and downloaded a couple of his Youtube videos. If you get chance have a listen to the album. Thanks Dave.

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